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Kenny Braun, Jan Jarboe Russell, and Tyler Jacobson

By May 2010Comments

Kenny Braun

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In recent years Kenny Braun has photographed the Highland Lakes, Texas swimming holes, and Gulf Coast surfers. And as the pictures he took for “Go With the Flow” demonstrate, he hasn’t tired of pointing his camera at bodies of water. “I’ve always associated Texas’s rivers with adventure and escape and communing with nature,” says the Houston-born, Austin-based photographer—who, by the way, travels with his own canoe. “I take it out for family outings,” he says. “And of course for manly excursions.”

Jan Jarboe Russell

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For Jan Jarboe Russell, writing about San Antonio mayor Julián Castro (“Alamo Heights”) reminded her of her first experience covering city politics. “When I was fresh out of college, in 1973, I covered a flood that devastated the Mexican American neighborhoods on the West Side,” she says. “Mayor Charles Becker, whose father had founded the Handy Andy chain, saw the devastation too and said, ‘This won’t stand.’ In a way, his response marked the beginning of the modern era in San Antonio.”

Tyler Jacobson

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“When I was growing up, my grandmother lived with us,” says Tyler Jacobson. “She was from Brownsville, and she loved to tell me stories about the Comanche.” Those tales helped fire the imagination of the California-based artist as he illustrated Quanah Parker at the Battle of Blanco Canyon, in 1871 (“Last Days of the Comanches”). “Most of my work has been for a fantasy game company that publishes Dungeons and Dragons magazines,” he says. “But I approached this project the way I would any other. I wanted to create drama and motion.”

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