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Kristie Ramirez, Michael Ennis, and LeAnn Mueller.

By March 2009Comments

Kristie Ramirez

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Style editor Kristie Ramirez may be new to the magazine, but she’s an old pro when it comes to fashion: For eight years she has been covering the latest trends in Dallas. “Texas style is such a great fusion of cultures,” says the Mesquite native. “All you have to do is have a beer with a trucker at Juniors, an icehouse in Floresville; spy on the quince girls at the VFW in Poth; or attend a charity luncheon in San Antonio. They’re within an hour of one another, but their take on fashion couldn’t be more different.”

Michael Ennis

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Writer-at-large Michael Ennis was the natural choice to identify the ten best buildings in Texas. He first began contributing to the magazine in 1977, and some of his earliest stories were about architects O’Neil Ford and Philip Johnson. “This was one of those cocktail-napkin projects,” says the Dallas-based author, who recently finished his third novel, a murder mystery involving Machiavelli and da Vinci. “I knew the buildings, but I had never put them together in this way.”

LeAnn Mueller

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To find out how everyday Texans display their own personal style, photographer LeAnn Mueller spent three months searching out clubs, bars, and dance halls in all corners of the state (“Saturday Night”). “The more people drank, the more they were willing to be shot,” says Mueller, a Taylor native who now lives in California. (Yes, she’s that Mueller, from the famed barbecue family.) So how would she describe her own fashion sense? “Oh, I have no style—but I wish I did.”

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