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Patricia Sharpe, Oscar Casares, and Adam Wiseman

By December 2008Comments

Patricia Sharpe

Patricia Sharp

Executive editor Patricia Sharpe has a confession: She enjoys the drama that accompanies massive service pieces (“The 40 Best Small-Town Cafes in Texas”. “I like being in crisis mode,” she says. “Maybe it’s a bit of the superwoman in me, but if I have to drive all the way to Nacogdoches to pick up a pie, by God I will.” So what’s next for the woman who has also recently tackled barbecue, steaks, and tacos? “Maybe I’ll go into my Andrew Zimmern mode and eat crazy things,” she says.

Oscar Casares

Oscar Casares

Last year was a momentous one for writer-at-large Oscar Casares (“Grass Roots”). The Brownsville native bought his first house, in Austin, and he became a father, only to have his own father pass away three months later. “It was a year of coping,” he says. “I was being pulled in different directions, trying to hold on to my dad while also answering the call to take care of my son. And the lawn was part of that. A lot of kids share a bond with their fathers through sports. With my dad, it was the yard.”

Adam Wiseman

Adam Wiseman

“The whole story is all about luck,” says Adam Wiseman about photographing Francisco Garcia-Rodriguez, who was deported after the Pilgrim’s Pride immigration raid (“Before and After”). A resident of Mexico City, Wiseman knew only to look for someone wearing an Alcatraz T-shirt and a Corona hat at a Wal-Mart in Los Mochis. But he and Francisco missed each other. Needing to catch a flight, Wiseman happened upon a cabbie who thought he knew the man and where he was. Amazingly, he did, and the shoot took place in a matter of minutes. “I have the driver to thank,” Wiseman says.

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