My Kind Of Car

Texans tell why they love their Suburbans.

August 1986By Comments

Congressman, Hunt

“It’s the next best thing to liberty. It’s got a hat rack, a CB, a Long-horn sticker—I love it!”

Congressman, San Antonio

“I park it in the Longworth garage next to Tommy Loeffler’s. People in Washington think it’s a creature from outer space.”

Ranch Owner, San Antonio

“I have three of them. Two are hunting cars for my business. I drive the new one. It has all the good stuff: stereo, bucket seats, four-wheel drive. I can go to the Argyle or drive out in the pasture with equal ease. It’s a little hard to get in and out of in an evening dress, but for those of us with double lives, it’s great!”

Pastor, Riverbend Baptist Church, Austin

“I feel safe in it; it’s a big old thing.”

CEO, Texas Commerce Bank Casa Linda, Dallas

“When I saw it on the showroom floor, I just couldn’t say no. We drove it off the showroom floor that day. When we brought it home, my wife wasn’t sure she wanted to drive it. Now she wouldn’t take a Cadillac for it. It’s not just a car, it’s a member of the family.”

Houston Astros Pitcher, Alvin

“It’s great for transporting baseball teams. This is our fourth Suburban.”

Wife of Herb Kelleher, CEO of Southwest Airlines, San Antonio

“We started driving them when they only had three doors. I like the air conditioning in the back, the wide seats, the head room; I can see out of it. All of the family’s old Suburbans are retired out to the ranch. There must be five or six there.”

State Representative, Belton

“My wife and I started out with one Suburban, but when we realized we were competing to see who got to drive it, we got another one. We get a new one every year—this is our sixth one. A Suburban is not just a car. It’s like a room in a house. I have a telephone, a Dictaphone, golf clubs, and a rod and reel in mine. I’m in it about four hours every day.”

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