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Mi Piaci, 14854 Montfort, Dallas

March 1994By Comments

The ingredients are earthy but the effect is divine in chef Mark Morrow’s rustic anitra arrosto, or roast duck. Morrow’s recipes from Mi Piaci in Dallas (14854 Montfort) do a turn on traditional Italian fare: fresh fowl brushed with honey and balsamic vinegar and slow-cooked creamy polenta, made from simple cornmeal.

The accompanying wine sauce, which doubles as a warm dressing for the arugula garnish, balances pungent green olives and sweet raisins. “If you’re hunting duck and you’re able to knock a wild one down and bring it to the table, great,” says Morrow. In a pinch, a frozen Long Island duck from your neighborhood market will do.

Try this recipe for Roast Duck and Creamy Polenta from Mi Piaci.

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