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The high-tech boom has made Andrew Busey a multi-millionaire before his thirtieth birthday. If only his home life were so rich.

February 2000By Comments

Maybe you’ve wondered what it would be like to win the lottery when you’re 33: Welcome to Swankyville. But let’s say it’s like the GI bill, and you couldn’t have a life from the time you’re 20 until that magical day. Would it be worth it? Ask Andrew Busey, the 28-year-old founder of the online furniture store, who pocketed more than $25 million from his last venture, the Internet chat softwaremaker iChat, and (with members of his family) has a $100 million stake in this one. Busey says his success has a price, and that price is piles of work, work, and more work until his early thirties, when he plans to “retire” and advise start-ups. “I think when you set off down this path, you have to realize that you’re trading things off,” he explains. “What I wanted was freedom, which, in my opinion, is roughly synonymous with money.”

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