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Easing the Line at Pecan Lodge

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The lines at Pecan Lodge are pretty crazy these days. At the opening bell last Saturday I counted over 150 people waiting for barbecue. Today, owners Diane and Justin Fourton are announcing a few changes that may ease lines like this one:

Pecan Lodge Line

From the press release:

[W]e’ve been working on a few things to help make it easier for those coming down to eat with us. Starting today, we are happy to announce that the following options are now available:

1. A second cash register has been added that will primarily serve as an “Express Line” for those ordering 5lbs or more. This means at any time (without notice) you can walk up and place your order without waiting in the main line.

2. Pre-Orders can be made with 2 days advanced noticed by sending an email to [email protected]. Pre-Orders must be for whole products (whole briskets, racks of ribs, etc) and can be picked up anytime from 11am to 3pm on days that we’re open.

I know the intentions are good. They’ve been getting complaints/suggestions to add another register as the lines have grown, but I’ve got to wonder if the entire line will just switch over to the second register. The only difference is the amount you have to order, and I know I’d add a couple of pounds on to my order to save a ninety minute wait in line. I doubt I’m the only one.

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  • Sly Majid

    Clarifying question – can people make pre-orders more than two days in advance? Just curious as I’ll be in Dallas in a few weeks and I want to get my hands on some brisket…

  • TaxWallStreet

    Another suggestion: Place a large menu with prices on the wall to the right of the line. Many customers get to the register and waste time deciding because they’re just seeing the meat options and prices for the first time. Such dawdling is totally preventable.

    Also, there should be a warning for customers standing near the end of the line: “You might not get because we’ll be sold out by the time you reach the front.” Franklin BBQ uses this system with great success by having a roving employee ask each customer how much meat they intend to order. Twice, I’ve waited for over an hour only to find out the only thing left is fried chicken (or nothing at all).