The Power List 2011/with a clarification
Tue January 18, 2011 5:10 pm

Tomorrow TEXAS M0NTHLY will post our February cover story about the 25 people who have the most influence in Texas politics. This is the fourth time in the magazine’s history that we have compiled such a list, the most recent being 2005, and the story includes a brief history of how power has changed in Texas over the years.
The full story will be posted tomorrow. Let the arguments begin.

Steve Ogden
Jim Pitts
Rick Perry
Jay Kimbrough
Dave Carney
Bill Hammond
Dick Trabulsi
Brooke Rollins
Scott McCown
Dan Patrick
Michael Quinn Sullivan
Tom Suehs
Bob Perry
Steve Mostyn
Al Armendariz
Alonzo Cantu
Bill Powers
Woody Hunt
Charles Butt
Pat Robbins
Mike Toomey
Rusty Kelley
Buddy Jones
Bill Miller
Brint Ryan

In our write-up about Brint Ryan, we wrote that his reverse audits for clients costs the state treasury about $1.5 billion annually. Actually, that figure represents what Ryan&Co. saves its clients globally, not just in the state of Texas. We regret the error.

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