R analyst predicts "urban tsunami"
Sun October 31, 2010 9:04 am

This message landed in my in-box this morning. It was sent by Robert D. Miller, a lawyer with Locke-Liddell. I would caution readers to consider that this communication could be intended to suppress Democratic turnout on election day. They should also consider that Republicans tended to vote early in this election cycle, and that the election day turnout is likely to favor the Democrats.

Looking at data prepared by Derek Ryan of Ryan Data & Research regarding the early vote through yesterday, it appears that the Republicans will win the early vote (unless something changes dramatically today [Friday]) in the following DFW and Harris County Texas House districts:

93 – Pierson/Nash
96 – Turner/Zedler
101 – Miklos/Burkett
102 – Kent/Carter
105 – Harper Brown/Haldenwang
106 – England/Anderson
107 – Vaught/Sheets
113 – Driver/Doris
114 – Hartnett/Wellik
133 – Thibaut/Murphy
134 – Cohen/Davis (very close)
137 – Hochberg/Spivey
138 – Bohac/Camarena
144 – Legler/Molina
149 – Vo/O’Connor

This is not the full extent of the list of vulnerable Democrats. Still out there are Herrero, Homer, Frost, Maldonado, McReynolds, Moody, Rose, Dunnam, and other possible surprises.

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