SREC still sniping at Straus
Thu December 2, 2010 11:18 pm

If you like bad ideas, the State Republican Executive Committee is the ultimate source, now that the State Board of Education has been defanged: a never ending source of hilarity. First, they want Rick Perry to pardon Tom DeLay. Yeah, that’s a great idea. DeLay did more to damage the image of the Republican party in the middle of this decade than any other member of Congress, with his ethical lapses and lavish use of earmarks to get his way. I don’t think DeLay should linger in jail, but neither does he deserve a pardon. Jason Embry reported today that the SREC will propose a resolution to allow the Republican caucus to elect committee chairs. This is transparently an anti-Straus move by a group that doesn’t know the speakers race is over. This reminds me of the story of Hiroo Onoda, the Japanese soldier who remained hidden in the Philippines for 29 years after Japan surrendered, not knowing that World War II was over.

Come to think of it, such a caucus would make an amusing spectacle. Here are some potential chairs with highly appropriate names (includes 09 and 2011 members):

Transportation: Driver; Parker vice-chair
Judiciary: Corte
Insurance: Hancock
Parks & Wildlife: Hunter
Environmental Regulation: Pitts
Land and Resource Management: Crabb
Licensing & Administrative Procedures (racing): Darby
Pensions, Investments & Financial Services: Hamilton
Agriculture & Livestock: Woolley
Redistricting: Lyne
General Investigating & Ethics: Christian
Energy Resources: Phillips
Appropriations: Price
Government Efficiency: Riddle
Technology & Workforce: Workman
Health and Human Services: “Doc” Anderson
Border & Intergovernmental Affairs: Walle (the lone Democrat)

Thanks to “Pat” for suggesting Doc Anderson.

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