Thu October 2, 2014 12:33 pm By Paul Burka

I'm not surprised that the race for governor has tightened according to the recent Lyceum Poll. This is a contest between two candidates who have the support of large constituencies that stretch far beyond Texas. Abbott is among the state's most prominent attorneys and is no stranger to the U.S. Supreme Court. Davis staked her claim to fame with her memorable filibuster of HB 2. Republicans have the advantage in numbers, this being Texas, but Democrats seem to be somewhat resurgent, and Davis gave them a shot in the arm with her strong performance in the final debate. Abbott has to be the favorite, but this is not a particularly strong Republican ticket, and the full force of the Texas Enterprise Fund scandal has yet to be felt. It's going to be closer than people think.

Wed October 1, 2014 8:48 am By Paul Burka

The final debate in the 2014 governor's race is over, and the winner was clear-cut: Wendy Davis. She was the aggressor from start to finish. Davis hammered Abbott on his $300,000 in contributions from payday lenders and on his cozying up to the insurance industry. She favored Medicaid expansion. He opposed it.

Abbott and Davis also clashed over money for schools. Abbott said "Texas children deserve a first-class education" and talked about his education plan. It is primarily directed at early childhood and pre-K. It does not go beyond the fourth grade. Davis touted her filibuster against the $5.4 billion in cuts imposed by the 2011 Legislature. Abbott's response on health care was lame. He rolled out a long-discredited idea that Texas should seek block grants from the federal government. It's straight from the TPPF playbook. We know this won't work because Rick Perry and TPPF have been trying to get block grants for health care for years, and they have never succeeded in prying money out of the feds.

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Mon September 29, 2014 11:53 pm By Paul Burka

I thought that the lieutenant governor's debate between Leticia Van de Putte and Dan Patrick tonight was pretty amazing. Van de Putte was a traditional candidate, who advocated for the longstanding major issues that define Texas politics: schools, health care, transportation. Patrick was totally different. He is the most formidable radical politician the state has produced in my career of covering the Legislature.

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Mon September 29, 2014 11:04 am By Paul Burka

When one looks at the wheeling and dealing that went on with the Texas Enterprise Fund, my question is this: Why is it not an impeachable offense? These folks used the Enterprise Fund for their private playground. They awarded $222 million to entities that, according to the Dallas Morning News, never submitted a formal application or agreed to create a specific number of jobs (all of which is required for those seeking TEF grants). Remember, these are state tax dollars that Perry and Abbott were playing fast and loose with, and they were getting goodies from campaign contributors. Abbott, not incidentally, has received $1.4 million in contributions. Isn't he in the position of being a fiduciary with respect to the Enterprise Fund?

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Mon September 22, 2014 10:56 am By Paul Burka

Alas, I was out of the state for the Texas gubernatorial debate on Friday evening, but having watched the replay, I can't say that I missed much. As debates go, I found it relatively low-wattage. Both candidates were articulate and reasonably polite to their opponents, though I thought Davis came across as very stiff--think for a moment how energetically Ann Richards might have talked about her filibuster or the cuts to education in 2011. Davis did appear to be more on the attack than Abbott, whom she criticized for his earlier remark that the Rio Grande Valley was like a third-world country. Abbott appeared to be happy to focus on Obama whenever possible.

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