Buy a Truck at Benny Boyd in Andrews and Get an AR-15


Circle 21 Candles

From humble beginnings in Amarillo, Janet Coffman’s candles travel great distances, destined to be burned by customers around the globe. “They go crazy for our candles in Switzerland,” Coffman says. The former art teacher and bookkeeper works by herself—with her four beagles and one mutt rescue underfoot—in a tiny home studio just off the laundry room, producing as many as one hundred candles a day.

Margin of Error

David Norris still remembers staring in disbelief at the 2008 tax bill for his conference-and-event-center company. In 2007 he’d paid the State of Texas $157. A year later, the number had soared to a staggering $21,000. That increase wasn’t the result of an uptick in revenue. It was a consequence of the state’s new business tax, which had just taken effect.


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