How Far Does $100 Go In Texas? A Heck Of A Lot Farther Than In New York Or California.

One hundred dollars is as much an abstract concept as a quantifiable figure: What would you do with … ?  And your answer might differ depending on where you’re based. After all, $100 gets you a lot more in some places than in others. 

That’s the point of a new map released by the Washington DC-based think tank the Tax Foundation, which breaks downstate-by-stateexactly how much purchasing power $100 has throughout the U.S. 

Feels Like the Last Time

The College Station of my late-seventies adolescence had its share of record shops—mall mainstays like Musicland and mom-and-pops that came and went. But Hastings Entertainment was a destination. Its megastore in the Culpepper Plaza strip center, a short bike ride from my home, became the place to while away summer afternoons and shed discretionary income in proportions that only a teenager with part-time employment as a dishwasher could justify.

Would Legalizing Gay Marriage Add $180 Million to the Texas Economy?


Anybody who has ever planned a big wedding has probably noticed that every aspect of it is expensive: The moment caterers, venues, chair-rental companies, DJs, etc, etc, etc, hear the word “wedding,” the prices seem to spike at least 20 percent. When you multiply that by the number of people on the guest list, the numbers add up. 


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