How Far Does $100 Go In Texas? A Heck Of A Lot Farther Than In New York Or California.

One hundred dollars is as much an abstract concept as a quantifiable figure: What would you do with … ?  And your answer might differ depending on where you’re based. After all, $100 gets you a lot more in some places than in others. 

That’s the point of a new map released by the Washington DC-based think tank the Tax Foundation, which breaks downstate-by-stateexactly how much purchasing power $100 has throughout the U.S. 

Feels Like the Last Time

The College Station of my late-seventies adolescence had its share of record shops—mall mainstays like Musicland and mom-and-pops that came and went. But Hastings Entertainment was a destination. Its megastore in the Culpepper Plaza strip center, a short bike ride from my home, became the place to while away summer afternoons and shed discretionary income in proportions that only a teenager with part-time employment as a dishwasher could justify.


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