Do Texas Cities Need Rideshare Services Like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar?

Getting around in Texas cities without driving your own car is a challenge. That part isn’t really in dispute: even in cities that have good public transportation infrastructure (i.e., trains, comprehensive bus routes) don’t meet all of the consumer needs. Trains only reach certain parts of the area, and buses don’t run 24 hours. 

Businessweek Explores the Phenomenon of People Moving To "Second Tier" Cities Like Austin and San Antonio

It’s not really news that Texas’ biggest cities are among the fastest-growing in the country. In fact, it seems like about once a month, a new study that finds a new way of measuring growth finds that the four largest metro areas in the state are also among the ten fastest-growing metro areas in the U.S. 

Texas Business Report: Anadarko Petroleum Pays $5.1 Billion to Settle Pollution Case


The Woodlands-based Anadarko Petroleum said Thursday that it will pay $5.1 billion to clean up toxic pollutants at more than 2,700 locations around the country, settling a long-running legal battle with the federal government, the New York Times reports.


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