The 1993 Bum Steer Awards

Hail to the beef! Texas tried to give the nation its next president but instead only produced the next Bum Steers. Two of them, in fact: George Bush and Ross Perot share the Bum Steer of the Year awards. But that’s the kind of year 1992 was. In what other election year could one state produce two major candidates in the general election and fail to elect either one?

The strangest things kept happening. In America the economy went down, and in Japan the president threw up. At Houston’s Republican National Convention in August, the weather was cool, Pat Buchanan was hot, and keynoter Phil Gramm was just lukewarm. In the debates Bush eyed his watch and Perot was all ears. As his parting shot of the campaign, the president described his Democratic opponents as Bozo and Ozone.

Perot’s campaign was just as strange. In the spring he went from out of the race to first in the polls in just four months. In the summer he went from first in the polls to out of the race in just four weeks. In the fall he was back in and climbing fast until he said on 60 Minutes that he had left the race because of fears that Republicans would disrupt his daughter’s wedding. He won the debate wars but lost the CBS piece.

Presidential candidates weren’t the only Texans who made 1992 a Bum Steer year. The Rice Owls won more football games than Nolan Ryan won baseball games. American Airlines lost big money, and the backers of the bullet train couldn’t find any. The new Texas lottery took away our money, and Congress tried to take away our supercollider. Can a president from Arkansas make things better in 1993? Look at the bright side—at least he’s not from Oklahoma.

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