Air Power

How Texas got to be number one in wind energy.

Giant wind turbines are popping up all across West Texas. Where do we stand when it comes to wind energy?
This has been a banner year for the state’s wind industry, which now has approximately 2,150 turbines. In May Jerry Patterson, the commissioner of the General Land Office, announced plans for the largest offshore wind farm in the country. Located off the coast of Padre Island near Baffin Bay, it will cover 39,900 acres. (“The race for wind energy is like a modern-day space race,” Patterson said without a hint of irony at one press conference.) This summer Texas surpassed California as the top producer of wind energy in the United States. And in October FPL Energy (Florida Power and Light) dedicated the Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center, which the company is billing as the largest wind farm in the world. It sprawls across 47,000 acres in Taylor and Nolan counties, not far from Abilene, and has the capacity to produce 735 megawatts.

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