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Willie Power

by Erin Gromen

This July 4 in Luckenbach, you can get Kinky, start Waylon, and fall Asleep at Willie Nelson’s annual picnic—.

When he first sang “Let’s go to Luckenbach, Texas, with Waylon and Willie and the boys” almost twenty years ago, Waylon Jennings forever linked himself and Willie Nelson to the legendary Hill Country hamlet. As it happens, the hit song was written by a couple of guys from Nashville who, like Waylon, had never set so much as a toe within the city limits, such as they are. When performing live, Waylon has even been known to change the lyrics of the song to the effect that he won’t ever go there and, quite frankly, is sick of singing about the place. But it seems the old outlaw is changing his tune, because this month Waylon, Willie, and the boys will be in Luckenbach for

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