Band of Mothers

As frazzled middle-aged Dallas moms, my friends and I needed a new lease on life. So we decided to make some noise.

by Suzie Riddle

AFTER I HAD MY THIRD CHILD, seven years ago, I looked in the mirror and I just couldn’t believe it. All of a sudden I was shopping in the plus-size section of the store. It was really depressing. I felt like my whole life had been sucked away, and every bit of dignity I ever thought I had was gone. Moms in this country are doing this impossible task of working, raising children, running a home. There’s not even time to reflect on how busy you are.

I had played the drums a little bit just for fun back in college, but I’d gotten rid of my set when I had my first child. I think it was taking up too much room. Then, probably ten years later, one of my neighbors was driving by with a set in the back of his truck. I just had this feeling—I’m not sure why—that he didn’t want it. I had already had this idea to start a rock band of all women my age, and so once I had the drums, I thought, “Well, I can do this for my fortieth birthday party,” which was six months away. I started asking everybody I could think of, “Do you play an instrument? I want to start a band! I want to start a band!” Soon I had a friend who played guitar, and I had

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