Behind the Screens

Meet the essential unknowns of the texas film business: the 25 most important people you’ve never heard of.

THE TEXAS FILM COMMISSION estimates that some eight thousand of the state’s residents work in the film industry. Counted among these, of course, are familiar names such as Richard Linklater, Lynda Obst, and Tommy Lee Jones. But most are people you’ve never heard of: the folks who edit Linklater’s films, cast Obst’s productions, and make sure Jones gets to the set on time. These are the “little people” who are thanked in effusive award-acceptance speeches for toiling behind the scenes and making it all possible. Although their jobs are not the kind that would ever garner them top billing, these little people play big roles. In recognition of their contributions, we polled industry insiders and compiled this list of the essential unknowns—the 25 people without whom there would be no lights, no camera, and no action.


45, Austin
Editor (“cuts and pastes” scenes to shape the film)
Credits Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Next Generation; Dazed and Confused; Before Sunrise; subUrbia; The Newton Boys


49, Austin
Casting director
Credits The Good Old Boys, Waiting for Guffman, Michael, Hope Floats, Two for Texas


42, Dallas
President of the nonprofit Texas Association of Film/Tape Professionals
Coups The association successfully lobbied the Legislature to keep the industry’s tax-exempt status


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