Blowin’ in the Wind

Why are allergies so bad in Texas? What causes an allergic reaction? How do you choose an allergist? And what’s the best treatment: drugs or shots? The Answers, my friend, are Blowin’ in the Wind.

I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE: IN the thirty years I’ve lived in Texas, I’ve acquired a taste for greasy Tex-Mex and developed a passable drawl, but I’ve yet to suffer from the state’s unofficial disease: allergies.

This is a happy situation, of course, but there’s a fine line between pride and gloating, so it’s not something I advertise—not normally, and certainly not on this day, a Wednesday in late January, when I’m hanging around the Allergy Clinic on the sixth floor of the old Parkland Memorial Hospital building in Dallas. The forty to fifty patients who arrived here beginning at seven-thirty this morning are in

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