Brave and Selfless

OUR FRIEND JAN REID has never pushed his way into the spotlight. He’s not shy exactly, and he’s too self-confident to be truly self-effacing; but he is reserved and observant, someone you are more likely to find moving around the edge of a party rather than creating a spectacle in the center. He is a large, athletic man with natural grace. You know instinctively you can trust him, precisely because he does not push himself on you or allude to his accomplishments, which are many. He has written countless stories for Texas Monthly, beginning with our earliest issues in 1973 and continuing to the present, as well as four books and numerous articles for other publications. He never writes falsely. His work always rests on sincere belief. I’m sure the thought of fame and riches is as attractive to him as it is to anyone, but he doesn’t write with that thought in mind. He says what he wants to say, the way he wants to say it. After that, his work stands on its own. All this makes it odd that he should now be better known for a piece of bad luck that has become an international incident than for what

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