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If Cindy Walker had never produced another song besides “You Don’t Know Me,” her stature would be assured among country and pop writers. But the Mexia woman has written about four hundred others, including “Bubbles in My Beer” (Bob Wills) and “Two Glasses, Joe” (Ernest Tubb). All three are among the twenty Walker songs picked by former Wills vocalist Leon Rausch for the relaxed, subtly swinging Close to You (Southland). Without sacrificing the earthy emotions at the core, Rausch polishes each track to reveal a deeply hued gem. Greatest Grooves (Dragon Street), which gathers “ Groovey


Joe Poovey’s heppest sides from 1954 to 1997, confirms that the Dallas rockabilly rarely mustered the raw vocal power of peers like Ronnie Dawson, but proves that nobody boasted better bands. Always more comfortable with country than with rock, Poovey nonetheless shouts with the best of ’em on his 1958 should’ve-been-a-hit “Ten Long Fingers,” which recasts Chuck Berry’s Louisiana guitarist “Johnny B. Goode” as a Texas piano pounder. JOHN MORTHLAND

The one-man band known as Darin has a simple philosophy: “The hook is not part of the song. The hook is the song.” On his solo

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