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Jon Dee Graham is a journeyman whose frontman role has eclipsed his hired guitarslinger reputation. The Quemado native’s second solo CD, Summerland (New West), features his gritty, growling rasp and his incisive, somewhat pensive musings, which approach a kind of brilliance on “At the Dance,” a moody slice of South Texas that pays tribute to borderland music legends, and “Look Up,” a duet with Patty Griffin. The imagery he evokes on both is so vivid you can practically see the white heat shimmering above the horizon. JOE NICK PATOSKI

Stephen Bruton proves a most unusual kind of guitar hero on Nothing but the Truth (New West). The Austin–via–Fort Worth axman has chops galore, but he uses them sparingly: Though songs are usually built around his guitar, it serves them,

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