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This month’s Willis Alan Ramsey Award for Belated Follow-up goes to Manuel “Cowboy” Donley, one of the founding fathers of modern tejano music, who waited twenty years before returning to the recording studio to make Adios Chiquita (Mini). The delay was worth it, since Donley serves up a spicy, thoroughly danceable combo platter of rancheras, waltzes, boleros, and ballads. In fact, his vocals and the tight brass arrangements on the sentimental “Redencion” and the romantic classic “Auscencia” have more in common with the great Beny More, the trailblazing Cuban bandleader from los fifties, than with La Mafia, Grupo Limite, or La Diferenzia. In light of tejano’s abandoning of horn charts in favor of synthesizers and the irritating mosquito sounds they create, that’s a real good thing. Welcome back, Cowboy. Joe Nick Patoski

Austinite David Garza has long been an earnest, proficient talent in search of a provocative voice. With this euphoria (Atlantic), the Artist Formerly Known as

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