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The Horsies are an extremely unusual outfit, so it figures that the perverse, polymorphously percussive Austin combo’s second record, Touch Me Columbus, is only available on the relatively obscure Japanese label Benten (though some Texas record stores will be carrying it). A giddy three-man, three-woman band with five often simultaneous vocalists, the Horsies evoke the B-52’s, Parliament-Funkadelic, Afropop, and klezmer—all in the service of surreal, political, and frequently grotesque songs about, among other things, Junior Brown, hairy legs, and the perils of dipping snuff. jason cohen Give George Strait his due: No other country artist, Texan or otherwise, has racked up so many hits over such a long stretch of time without faltering. Strait’s latest CD, Carrying Your Love With Me ( MCA), delivers his

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