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The real pleasure in Toni Price’s Sol Power (Antone’s/Discovery/Sire) is trying to peg her as country, blues, or folk. Whether she’s singing something silly and simple, such as “Cats and Dogs,” or taking the sultry and sublime route, as when she covers Allen Toussaint’s “Funky,” the Austinite offers an earthy spin in the great genre-bending Texas tradition. The whole thing is made even earthier by the recording’s semi-acoustic live-in-Alpine setting and Champ Hood’s wondrous fiddling; the result is music stripped down to its barest essence. Joe Nick Patoski

Politics have kept Cuba’s vibrant jazz scene out of view in America, but Waco-born trumpeter Roy Hargrove has succeeded in bringing a bit of the island fire back home. Crisol, his large, exciting band of big-league cross-cultural talent, finds an intriguing neutral zone between bop and Afro-Cuban on Habana (Verve) and settles in smartly. Still in his twenties but imbued with the wisdom and taste of his elders, Hargrove keeps the arrangements impeccable, though a bit more abandon might have fanned the flames of this enjoyable set even higher. Jeff Mccord

On It Had to Happen, James McMurtry leaves behind Columbia Records and his onetime producer, John

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