Connally Stumps Ohio

From former Dallas Times Herald reporter Tracey Smith comes this report of former governor John Connally on the banquet circuit in Bowling Green, Ohio. Smith is a Kiplinger Journalism Fellow at Ohio State University.

Like other converts to a new faith, John B. Connally has become rabidly dogmatic in professing allegiance to the Republican party. Since the first of the year, the Reverend John has been taking his crusade around the country to demonstrate to the good Republicans of the United States how magnificently he can preach their gospel.

It was never more apparent than recently when he addressed the party faithful in northwest Ohio’s fifth congressional district, always a bastion of Republican strength. Why the eight-term congressman, Delbert L. Latta, is even a member of both the house rules and judiciary committees, and that’s something that isn’t done very often. They are very secure Republicans, born and bred that way, and would never give a thought to voting for anyone from that other party. They are the bedrock of the Republican party, small businessmen, bankers, young attorneys, family people—the kind who will deliver their votes to Connally when and if he is nominated for president. This district is known around the country for its party support. In the last three years these Republicans have heard Spiro Agnew, Gerald Ford, and Earl Butz at their annual dinner.

This year 1800 of them plunked down $5.50 for an evening in Bowling Green, Ohio.


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