Fond Farewell

GARY CARTWRIGHT’S STORY COVERING the last months of the life of his son Mark [“Nothing to It,” June 1997] was extremely moving. Most impressive of all was the dignity with which he and his son approached the inevitable. The communication shared during this time was inherently more intimate, and this was perhaps the greatest gift the circumstances had to offer. Many people do not get this opportunity before the death of a loved one. Mr. Cartwright is rightly proud of his son, and they have given me a gift as well.

READING ABOUT MR. CARTWRIGHT and his son has inspired me to become a bone marrow donor. I hope other readers take the same action. Thanks for sharing such a personal experience.

THE STORY ABOUT MARK BROUGHT back memories of a wonderful friend of mine, Alvin Guidry. Same illness, about the same time period, and the same result. He was in the prime of life, ready to think about retirement and his future with his wife on their new ranch. So many dreams cut short. A good man, father, husband, and friend. “Nothing to it.”
Deer Park

MARK WAS BRIEFLY A PATIENT at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, and he is fondly remembered. While we were pleased to see a public discussion of the difficulties that leukemia patients face, we feel that readers need to be made aware that there are many types of leukemia, that there are effective therapies for each, and that these therapies have been shown to increase survival.

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