Football Fever Once you decided to do another feature on football, how did you go about determining what you wanted to focus on?

Brian D. Sweany: This is my third football package to work on for Texas Monthly. The first was in October 1999, and the second was in August 2002. But this seemed like a great time to take another swing at it (sorry to mix metaphors). UT won the national championship and Houston native Vince Young became a superstar. The Dallas Cowboys signed Terrell Owens, which has caused endless talk. The Southlake Carroll Dragons have established themselves as one of the greatest high school dynasties in recent memory. So we wanted to do something that touched all levels of the sport, from Pop Warner to the pros. It was a lot of material to cover, so I hope the list we came up with is a strong one. How did you narrow your initial list?

BS: We started compiling the list last fall so that we could do some reporting during the season (it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to start cold in May). A number of editors, writers, and

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