Galleria Gourmet

Houston's shopping center has everything from Japanese and Mexican food to Neiman's tea room and hamburgers on the ice rink. We tried them all.

WHEN GERALD HINES, HOUSTON’S own Edifice Rex, built the Galleria complex, he combined under one translucent pleasure dome the elite of the merchandising world.

Below are suggestions of places to eat in and around The Galleria.


If Mexican food moves you, try El Fenix. You’ll find comfortable surroundings and courteous help. The tostadas are hot, crisp, and easily some of the best in town. For a main dish, try the chicken chalupas, double mounds of lettuce, chicken, avocado and sour cream dressing, and grated cheese. These have been spectacular on two occasions and barely passable on a third; they are, however, worth the gamble. The chicken enchiladas with sour cream are notable. On the other hand, don’t jump at the shrimp Veracruz, six shrimp atop enough rice to feed an unplanned family. If you have a strong arm, wash down your

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