Goat or Hero?

I AM THE MOTHER OF THE MURDER victim referred to in Mimi Swartz’s article “ Congressman Clueless” [February 1996]. A few weeks after my son was killed, I called Mr. Stockman to request the removal of my son’s name and the manipulation of the facts of his murder from Mr. Stockman’s House Resolution 2393 to repeal the Brady Law, but he never got the point. He was interested only in defending the bill. I never mentioned if I was for or against his bill, only that I wanted my son’s story out of it, because it was irrelevant. (During a robbery at the liquor store where he worked, my son was shot in the back without warning and would have had no opportunity to defend himself even if he had had a gun.) But Stockman never “got it.” He was hostile, rude, and, yes, adolescent. The conversation degenerated to such childish remarks from him that, baffled and angry, I hung up in frustration. For instance, he said to me in a sarcastic tone, “Oh, so next time, when someone gets shot in the front, then you don’t care about that!” When he said someting was a “mute” point, I told him it was moot.

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