How To Be a Good Loser

Separate the defeat from the experience. Don't have any regrets. Get back to work. And keep your options open.

WE WENT TO OUR HOTEL on election night to await the outcome of the governor’s race. We kept hoping, obviously, and praying for the best, but, you know, it didn’t happen. After I spoke to my supporters, my wife, Tani, and I went up to the room to sleep, but we didn’t talk much. We visited a bit about our children and what they were going to do that evening and about the friends who had come in from all over to hear the election results. I just lay in bed thinking about the campaign that I should have run. I made some mistakes, and I went over them mentally that evening—the things that I would have done differently.

The next morning, we woke up and had breakfast, and then I got on the phone to thank my supporters around the state for their help. Right after lunch, I believe, I went down to the campaign headquarters and gathered the staff. I told them how much I appreciated them—what good friends they’d


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