The Law Won

Now headlining in courtrooms in San Antonio; Brasília, Brazil; and maybe, Chihuahua, Mexico: The sad-song sagas of two chart toppers with a broad following on both sides of the Texas border. Bailiff, call the first case.

The People v . Emilio Navaira

On January 9 the 37-year-old Grammy-nominated tejano star (below) was arrested at a San Antonio motel and charged with assault and resisting arrest — both misdemeanor offenses — following a domestic dispute involving his girlfriend, 23-year-old Maria Elena Ibarra. According to the police report, officers were called to the scene after the unhappy couple began arguing in the lobby. A tearful Ibarra explained that the trouble began in the motel room where they were staying when she told Navaira, with whom she’d been out at a bar earlier in the evening, that he “always gets mean when he drinks.” He responded, she said, by kicking her schnauzer and then, after she said she didn’t want to be with him, throwing a “large set of keys on a key ring” at her, striking her on the left shoulder. Ibarra told the officers that she became afraid because Navaira “usually beats her when he gets angry,” so she ran into an elevator. He followed, complaining that Ibarra was going to “ruin” his career, and they ended up in the lobby, at which point a bystander called 911. When the police arrived, Navaira denied having hit Ibarra, complained loudly about her not being a U.S. citizen (“She’s here illegally!”), and then proceeded to resist arrest, Officer Jose Limon, Jr., later reported, by “pulling away his arms and shoving [us] with his shoulders.”Navaira was released from jail that day after posting a $1,850 bond. In the months since, the resisting arrest charge has been dismissed, and city prosecutors have declined to file

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