Lyle Lovett

On acting, singing, and Calvin Klein.

Evan Smith: You were in Austin for a week in March—first to be honored for your film work by the Texas Film Hall of Fame and then to play a show at South by Southwest. At this point in your career, do you think of yourself as a singer who acts or as an actor who sings?

Lyle Lovett: I definitely think of my career as a musical career. Every day for me is trying to figure out how to write a song, to write one so that I can perform it.Going out on the road and playing is how I make a living. And I love to do that.

ES: So the acting is something that just happens to take up a portion of your time.

LL: I’ve been really lucky to take part in some incredible movies, but it’s not something I pursue. I don’t think of myself as an actor, though in getting to do some of these movies, I’ve grown to really admire actors. Getting to see how people work, to see how much there is to it and how skilled actors actually are at

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