This is Only a Test

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously. After all, your Texas bona fides are at stake. You have one hundred questions to prove you’re one of us. (No cheating. No makeups. And no grade grubbing.)
 1. Match the celebrity with the Texas pork product he endorses:
A singer Jimmy Dean 1. Blue Ribbon Bacon
B former football coach Bum Phillips 2. Earl Campbell Hot Sausage
C former football star Earl Campbell 3. Jimmy Dean sausage

 2. Which of these is not a Texas state symbol?
A bluebonnet
B pecan tree
C mockingbird
D electric chair

 3. Identify this animal:

 4. Which of these critters does not live in Texas?
A tarantula
B alligator
C naked mole rat
D mountain lion

 5. Which of these is not a physical region of Texas?
A East Texas Piney Woods
B Ogallala Rainforest
C Chihuahuan Desert
D Coastal Plains

 6. Solve this rhyming riddle to find out the name of a famous ranch:

Three letters have I. The first is a snap:
It’s what marks the spot on a treasure map.
The second is me and myself (not U).
The third stands for “Texas”; and now we’re through.

 7. Nine years of martial law followed the defeat of the Confederacy. What is that period of time called?
A Reign of Terror
B Rehabilitation
C Reconstruction
D Resurrection

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 8. In what year did Texas mark its centennial?

 9. Match the place name on the left with the appropriate subject on the right:
A Houston 1. cantaloupe
B El Paso 2. medicine
C Tyler 3. tourism
D Midland 4. fashion
E Pecos 5. boots
F South Padre Island 6. roses
G Dallas 7. oil

10. During the nineteenth century, what animal was slaughtered by the millions?

11. Thousands of streets and buildings in Texas are named Lamar. Why?

12. Who is the Texas version of Paul Bunyan?

13. What chain did Conrad Hilton start in Dallas in 1925?

14. What Texas ranch is bigger than Rhode Island?

15. Which of the following common Texas words is the only one spelled correctly?
A rodeo
B barbeque
C ya’ll
D margerita

16. What dog story, a national best-seller in 1956, has been required reading for millions of Texas schoolkids ever since?

17. What meat do Texans favor for barbecue?
A pork
B beef
C chicken
D any form of roadkill

18. Give the word that forms a familiar Texas phrase when it precedes each of the following: hair, Red, Spring.

19. March 2 has special meaning for Texans because
it is Texas Independence Day as well as the birthday of:
A Sam Houston
B Tom DeLay
C Laura Bush
D Jesus Christ

20. Which of the following statements about Davy Crockett is false?
A During his lifetime, he was the subject of a long-running hit play.
B He was married to two women, one in Kentucky and one in Tennessee, at the same time.
C He fought under Andrew Jackson in the Creek War, because that tribe had murdered his grandparents.
D He wanted to become president of the United States.

21. An early Texas flag bore the motto “Come and take it.” What was “it”?
A a coiled snake
B a cannon
C the flag itself
D the Alamo

22. Which two of the following pairs are actually siblings?
A Percy Foreman and George Foreman
B Dennis Quaid and Randy Quaid
C Bob Bullock and Sandra Bullock
D Ima Hogg and Ura Hogg
E Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson

23. Below is a list of Texas’s five largest cities. Put them in geographical order from east to west:
A Houston
B El Paso
C Austin
D San Antonio
E Dallas

24. Two attractions consistently make San Antonio the state’s number one tourist destination. One is, of course, the Alamo. What is the other?

25. When Lee Harvey Oswald took aim from the Texas School Book Depository, what floor was he on?

26. From what Texas emporium did actress Grace Kelly buy the bridesmaids’ dresses for her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco?

27. What infamous criminals of the thirties were portrayed in a 1967 movie directed by Arthur Penn?

28. What happened to Texas on December 29, 1845, and again on March 30, 1870?

29. Who wrote the 2000 novel The Gates of the Alamo?
A Elizabeth Crook
B Mary Willis Walker
C Robert James Waller
D Stephen Harrigan

30. Six flags have flown over Texas. Choose the nation whose flag flew for the shortest period of time:
A France
B England
C the Republic of Texas
D the Confederate States of America

31. Match these men with their picture:
A Tom Landry
B Billy the Kid
B Fess Parker
C Ross Perot

32. Match these women with their picture:
A Dale Evans
B Janis Joplin
C Jerry Hall
D Bonnie Parker

33. Solve this rhyming clue to find a name that’s famous twice over:

Lawmen in hats
And guys swinging bats.

34. By what more familiar name do we know the paisano or chaparral cock?

35. What is the exact date of Juneteenth?

36. Which of the following golfers is not a native Texan?
A Lee Trevino
B Phil Mickelson
C Ben Crenshaw
D Ben Hogan

37. What is the error in the following sentence? “Abducted by Apache in 1836, nine-year-old Cynthia Ann Parker later married a warrior and had three children, including Quanah Parker, who became the last chief of the tribe.”
A Quanah Parker was the last chief of the Comanche.
B Historical documents indicate Cynthia was fourteen and ran away.
C Cynthia Ann Parker was the wife of Quanah Parker.
D There is no error; the sentence is accurate.

38. Which of these foods was not invented in Texas?
A Fritos
B chili
C red grapefruit
D maroon carrots
E burritos

39. Fill in the blank: “If I owned ______ and Texas, I’d rent out Texas and live in ______ .” — attributed to General Philip Sheridan, circa 1867

40. What year did Texas become the second-biggest state?
A 1845
B 1936
C 1959
D 1963

41. On back roads, many drivers signal to others cars by lifting only one or two fingers while keeping their hands on the wheel.

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