This is Only a Test

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously. After all, your Texas bona fides are at stake. You have one hundred questions to prove you’re one of us. (No cheating. No makeups. And no grade grubbing.)
 1. Match the celebrity with the Texas pork product he endorses:
A singer Jimmy Dean 1. Blue Ribbon Bacon
B former football coach Bum Phillips 2. Earl Campbell Hot Sausage
C former football star Earl Campbell 3. Jimmy Dean sausage

 2. Which of these is not a Texas state symbol?
A bluebonnet
B pecan tree
C mockingbird
D electric chair

 3. Identify this animal:

 4. Which of these critters does not live in Texas?
A tarantula
B alligator
C naked mole rat
D mountain lion

 5. Which of these is not a physical region of Texas?
A East Texas Piney Woods
B Ogallala Rainforest
C Chihuahuan Desert
D Coastal Plains

 6. Solve this rhyming riddle to find out the name of a famous ranch:

Three letters have I. The first is a snap:
It’s what marks the spot on a treasure map.
The second is me and myself (not U).
The third stands for “Texas”; and now we’re through.

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