Portrait of a Lady

MIMI SWARTZ CAPTURED my attention with vivid descriptions and endearing characterizations; she depicted the Connallys in such a way that Texans should feel proud of them [“ The Witness,” November 2003]. The photography by Dan Winters was superb, especially the photograph in which Mrs. Connally appears to be focusing on the suit she wore that day in 1963, while a thousand thoughts flood her mind. Such a beautiful lady, then and now.
Gene Barbin

IN 1993 I WAS one of many visitors paying their last respects to Governor John Connally. I was 26 years old and had recently started working at one of the state agencies. That visit has been one of the defining moments of my life, not because of the great Texan who lay there in state, but because of the woman standing next to his casket. I shook her hand, offering my condolences, and wished the governor Godspeed. As I walked away, all she had done and endured for that great man instantly struck me. I marveled to myself what a fine Texas lady she was. If I can be one tenth the Texas woman she is, I will have lived

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