A Q&A With Candy Clark

Actress Candy Clark, who played Debbie Dunham in the movie American Graffiti, will be in Dallas February 14-16 for the Autorama show at Dallas Market Center.

BORN IN NORMAN, Okla., CANDY Clark grew up in Fort Worth. American Graffiti celebrates its 30th anniversary this year . We spoke to her at her home in Los Angeles, Calif.

texasmonthly.com: You recently moved back to Los Angeles, correct?

Candy Clark: I moved back to Los Angeles, yes. I was living in New Jersey for 11 years, and I had a very nice boyfriend, but we broke up and I moved back. I now live in an area called Valley Glen that used to be known as Van Nuys. My house used to be a 22-acre orange ranch—it’s just the best house. I love it.

texasmonthly.com: How did you

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