Red McCombs

The 78-year-old San Antonio salesman—is there any better way to describe him?—on football, cars, radio, cattle, and giving away his millions.

Evan Smith: You recently sold the Minnesota Vikings, which means this is the first football season in seven years that you won’t be the owner of an NFL team. How does it feel?

Red McCombs: Well, I miss it a lot. We approached this season as if we’d own the Vikings forever. The lead investor in the investor group I made the deal with turned out to be not quite as liquid as the league wanted, so I didn’t know whether it was going to close or not. As it turned out, another person in the group was acceptable as far as liquidity, but I had to be ready [in case I couldn’t sell]. So I was very active in the free-agent market. There were five free agents we wanted, and we got four of them. And we were pleased with our draft. I look at this year’s

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