Right On

DESPITE A RATHER FEEBLE showing by Pat Buchanan in the Texas presidential primary—just 21 percent of the vote—the Religious Right showed great strength in down-ballot Republican races. In eight of ten key elections around the state, candidates identified with the Christian Coalition either won or made it into a runoff. (The Christian Coalition does not make endorsements but “educates” voters about candidates’ stands on issues like abortion.) The most impressive victory was by Pete Sessions, a son of ex- FBI director William Sessions, in a Dallas congressional race; he beat Dallas city councilman Glenn Box with 58 percent of the vote in what was regarded as an even race. Even the two defeats were, pardon the pun, moral victories. In a State Board of Education race in suburban areas west and north of Houston, Terri Leo got more than 45 percent of the vote against incumbent chairman Jack Christie, George W. Bush’s hand-picked candidate. In a Harris County race for the state Senate, former county judge Jon Lindsay was expected to be an easy winner over Jerry Dumas, but Lindsay just squeaked by with 51 percent. The scorecard for the Religious Right won’t be complete, however, until the April 9 runoffs. Races to watch: the deep East Texas congressional seat being vacated by Democrat Charlie Wilson

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