Roar of the Crowd

Bettering The Best
IN “the best of the texas century” [December 1999], if anybody deserves the title Entertainer of the Century, it’s George Jones. The Ol’ Possum himself produced a number one record in four consecutive decades. buddy moore
SORRY, willie. bob wills is still the king.

david duncan
YOU REALLY MISSED THE MARK in “Song of the Century.” In place of “San Antonio Rose,” the song, of course, is “Crazy,” written by Willie Nelson and recorded by Patsy Cline. You did get it right with the runner-up: “Streets of Laredo.”

tom higgins
El Paso
FOR years now i have watched with amusement as you get Texas politics half right half the time. I didn’t object when you put my old man in the Old Coots Hall of Fame – he earned that – but when you call Jerry Sadler a scoundrel [runner-up, “Scoundrel of the Century”], I have to say that either you are careless with the English language, you didn’t do your research, or you are a bald-faced liar.

My father was a segregationist, but only as a by-product of being for states’ rights. The day they integrated the rural school in our tiny East Texas community, the local KKK wannabes passed the word that if any black kids showed up, they would be hurt. My dad passed the word that no such thing would happen. The sheriff’s deputies left at eight-thirty, when everyone had entered the school building, and then my father, the Land Commissioner of Texas, sat in front of the school all day in his pickup with a 12-gauge shotgun while the local toughs circled the school grounds in their trucks. At three, he followed the schoolbus

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