Se Habla Español

As a third-generation Mexican American raised in Texas, it’s only natural that I speak better English than I do Spanish. Try telling that to a radio audience of one million Latinos.

I “ FOUND MY VOICE,” as they say, in 2003. Actually, it was an editor who found it and published my first book, a collection of stories set along the border in South Texas, but I was the one who traveled across the country for the different promotional events, including readings and media interviews. And although the book was published in English, a few of the interviews were in Spanish, including one I did on El Cucuy de la Tarde, the highest-rated radio program in L.A.

El Cucuy de la Tarde” translates literally to “The Bogeyman of the Afternoon.” Spanish-speaking moms everywhere are famous for telling their kids to go to sleep or el cucuy will get them. The man who assumed the moniker is a 51-year-old Honduran named Renán Almendárez Coello. El Cucuy, the radio personality, is a cross somewhere

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