Secret Summer Places

Seminole Canyon

For years, indian pictographs in Texas were all but inaccessible. Then, in 1979, Seminole Canyon State Historical Park opened, offering walking tours to two caches of Archaic paintings. And in 1987 High Bridge Adventures started boat tours on Amistad International Reservoir near Del Rio, making available by water two shelters that could not be reached by land. Between the park and the boat tour, you can devise a splendid one- or two-day Indian rock art vacation.

The two-mile, ninety-minute guided tour through the park starts at the visitors’ center and descends 250 feet by stairs and over rocks to the bottom of Seminole Canyon. At Fate Bell Shelter and Fate Bell Annex, you can look back four thousand years in time. The dozens of stubby, often-faint stick men, birds, deer, centipedes and shamans daubed on the walls have a stolid dignity — and a sense that life and death were full of mysteries that could be


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