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Before they hit the big time, these nine Texans lived in modest houses that looked very much like yours—but did you grow up to win the Tour de France?

Stone Phillips, co-anchor of Dateline NBC, Texas City, 1955–1965
State of the Art - Stone Phillips
I remember living in the house during Hurricane Carla and evacuating to the family farm in Waxahachie. When we returned, we found the roof blown off and the wood floors destroyed. My father, an engineer, vowed “by God” to never have such damage again, so he installed terrazzo floors. They were so slippery my brother and I would slide around on them.

Nolan Ryan, National Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, Alvin, 1955–1965
State of the Art - Nolan Ryan
I grew up during the fifties and early sixties, and my life was typical for a small Texas town. We were more

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