Staying Power

Not sure where to stay when you go to the Hill Country? Don't worry. I've found the best places, from a historic hotel to a caboose.

WHEN I’M QUEEN OF THE Universe, I’m going to ban the use of heart-shaped twig wreaths festooned with silk flowers. Ditto for coat racks decorated with metal cutouts of moose and fir trees, especially when used in areas bereft of moose and fir trees. This may cause folks who rent cabins and run cozy B&B inns in the Texas Hill Country some momentary interior decorating angst, but I think the cosmos will be a better place for the change. Until my laws are enacted, however, here’s a dozen places to spend the night that are, for the most part, already in compliance:

The Antlers Hotel is the kind of place that makes me wish I owned a full-length white linen dress with a blue satin sash (not to mention the nerve to wear such a getup). The expansive landscaped grounds of this century-old railroad hotel on the granite-lined shore of Lake LBJ beg to be strolled in such impractical garb—while sipping a mint julep and adjusting a beribboned straw boater, no less. You can


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