Taco Capital, U.S.A.

Liz Carpenter, Author, Feminist, Austin. In San Antonio this lowly bundle has been elevated to an art form and a way of life. It tastes good too.

Consider the taco. In much of Texas it’s just an afterthought on the great Tex-Mex menu of life: a poor cousin to the glamour items of the Fajita Age, consigned to out-of-the-way barrio taquerías or to a few perfunctory entries on Mexican bills of fare. Not so in San Antonio, where the taco occupies an honored place in the civic consciousness. People spend time thinking about tacos in San Antonio. They argue about tacos; they swap tips on the latest taco hot spots; they zip through drive-in windows for tacos at odd hours of the day and night; they repair en masse to their favorite taco emporiums for weekend breakfasts.

Self-respecting San Antonians consider decent tacos a birthright and a necessity. “We’re spoiled here,” says art gallery

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