Take That, Baskin-Robbins!

"Ralph Nader probably won't give it his stamp of approval. But the Saturday night at the soda fountain crowd will recognize it immediately: the old lick test."

DALLAS IS A CITY OF some 50 ice cream flavors. It did not reach this pinnacle without a struggle.

In 1969, an entire seminar of the North Texas Youth in Service to Christ was disrupted when the host hotel inadvertently offered brandied peach ice cream as the final banquet dessert. Since it was too late to change the dessert, an enterprising chef simply changed the menu. Brandied peach became peachy-keen, and still another ice cream flavor was born.

When Baskin-Robbins decided to start calling its ice cream sandwiches “chilly burgers” no one dreamed it could cause anything but polite chuckles. Then one day, a customer asked for one “with cheese, please.” And pictures became a very necessary part of the “chilly burger” advertisement.

These are the kinds of pitfalls that unsophisticated ice cream consumers must face at every turn. After all, there was a time when Dallas was practically limited to two ice cream stores. And their offerings weren’t much more complicated than the traditional chocolate-vanilla-strawberry stuff. Folks on the east bank of the Trinity headed to Ashburn’s for an occasional scoop while the people in Oak Cliff were lapping up the cones Polar Bear offered.

Then, sometime in the mid 1960’s the

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