Tex Education, Part 4

Who said "Being president is like being a jackass in a hailstorm"? Where did Nolan Ryan pitch his fifth no-hitter? This final installment of my literacy quiz covers the last forty years of the twentieth century, familiar territory to many of you. So pop some ginkgo biloba and go for it. You natives really have no excuse this time—but if you embarrass yourselves, we'll never tell.

What’s your TQ? Here’s your final chance to gauge your intelligence quotient (Lone Star division). If the mere prospect makes you testy, note that most of you are likely to excel on this installment of my cultural literacy quiz because, this time around, you were around too: Part four covers the state’s recent history, from the sixties through the nineties. It was the best of times (in terms of music, literature, film, and more), and it was the worst of times (at least for certain oilmen and politicos). See the last page to check your answers, give yourself four points for each one that’s correct, then consult the score box to interpret (and celebrate!) your score.

1. Which of the following statements about John Connally is not true?

a. He won three successive terms as a Democratic governor.

b. He was wounded during the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

c. He switched to the


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