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The single most important page of a magazine is its cover. It’s the one that editors and art directors spend the most time thinking about, arguing over, and tweaking right up until the last minute. At Texas Monthly all of our covers—dating back to February 1973—are displayed in the hallways of the Austin office, so every day we are proudly reminded of well-known images like Ann Richards on the motorcycle (July 1992) and Michael Irvin with a white-powder mustache (January 1997). But seeing cover subjects we haven’t heard from in a while always makes us wonder, “What ever happened to Bobby Morrow?” or “What became of the Deadly Doctor?” Here are a few sought-after answers.

July 1981

Former astronaut Mary Cleave is a veteran of two space flights and orbited the earth 172 times. She lives in Houston and has been conducting global biosphere research for NASA since 1991.

August 1984

In 1956 San Benito’s Bobby Morrow won three gold medals in track and field at the Olympic Games in Melbourne. Not one for the spotlight, he moved back to South Texas, where he took over his family’s farming operations. He is now retired and lives in Port Isabel.

November 1984

Sheriff Jack McDaniel was so devoted to his job that he kept enforcing the law west of the Pecos even after he got a heart transplant, in 1995. He retired in 1996 and still lives in Alpine.

February 1987

The elegant Anne H. Bass—in 1987 soon to be Sid’s ex—now calls Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue home. Texas’ loss has been New York’s gain, for the former grande dame of Fort Worth Ballet now chairs galas for New York City Ballet.

April 1987

Though Deborah Spiva lost her medical license in December 1986 while she was being investigated for the deaths of several of her patients, it was restored four years later by a state judge who ruled that she had been denied due process. She died in Fredericksburg in 1995.

July 1989

Edie Brickell,

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