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Who killed JFK? Was it the FBI? the CIA? the Mob? With so many conspiracy theories out there, you can pick and choose.

Forty years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, questions still remain in the hearts of most Americans about the true nature of his death. The murder of Lee Harvey Oswald at the hands of Jack Ruby essentially killed the hopes of ever discovering Oswald’s true motives, and many conspiracy theorists are more than happy to offer their conjectures. Though the Warren Commission determined that Oswald acted alone, more than half of the American population believes that Oswald was part of a much larger conspiracy.

The Theories (a select few):

The CIA Theory: After Kennedy fired its director and several agents, the CIA feared that JFK would shut down the agency he believed to be highly disorganized and corrupt. Lee Harvey Oswald, who, while in the Marines, had been stationed at the largest CIA outpost in Japan and had hoped to join the agency, was the perfect assassin. Many believe that Oswald was exposed to mind-control, or “radio-hypnotic intra-cerebral control and electronic dissolution of memory” at the hands of the CIA.

The Mafia Theory: In the fifties Joseph Kennedy Sr. apparently made a deal with the devil in return for his life. New York mob boss Frank Costello had put out a contract on Joe’s life as retribution for some unreturned “favors.” In return for protection, Joe reportedly told Sam Giancana, “If my son is elected president, he’ll be your man. My son, the president of the United States, will owe you his father’s life. He won’t refuse you, ever. You have my word.” However, after John Kennedy was elected, he and his administration promptly turned against the Mafia. Also

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